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Spanish 4 - Unidad 6

This unit focuses on human rights and follows Unit 4 since Unit 5 is the environment and is taught extensively in Spanish 3.  As this unit is centered around some darker issues, the focus is on various parts of Latin America, from Mexico down to the Southern Cone.  Students will learn about child labor, and dictatorships and will finish the unit circling back to children as topics of activism through music by two famous singers. 

This unit also promotes more independent learning on behalf of the students.  There are several packets for them to work on both in class and at home with many essential questions designed for discussion and to introduce the activities.  As always, the sources used in both the activities and the tests are authentic and made both for and by Spanish speakers.  I recommend following the order of the activities, as they start with vocabulary and lead to the more difficult grammar topics (past subjunctive, present subjunctive, comparisons, and superlatives). 

Again, you do not need to use the Imagina textbook to use these materials, but you can!  The theme of this unit is very interesting and captivates students.  This is, in many ways, the turning point of Spanish 4 where students develop a deep respect for what Latin America has been through and how it has repaired the deep wounds caused by the violation of human rights that have occurred in past years.  


Resource 1 - Algunas Actividades de Unidad 6

Resource 2 - Unidad 6 Pruebas

Spanish 4 - Unidad 6

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