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Spanish 4 - Unidad 4

Generaciones en movimiento talks about family and explores the relationships and potential obstacles that may divide them.  This is why the word generation is key: it explores the generational gap and how to strengthen ties in families.  This unit also goes into depth about what truly makes a family and the variables of family that exist in today’s society.  In addition to these topics, the unit reviews the subjunctive in adjective clauses, reflexive verbs and por and para.  


Similar to the previous units, each unit pack has 12 interactive classroom activities that include authentic readings and listenings, as well as 4 assessments to evaluate each mode: interpretive (reading and listing), interpersonal, and presentational (speaking and writing).


Resource 1 - Algunas Actividades de Unidad 4

Resource 2 - Unidad 4 Pruebas

Spanish 4 - Unidad 4

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