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Spanish 4 - Unidad 3

Unit 3 is very relatable for the students, as it talks about the media, particularly social media. Although the cultures and customs of Spain and Latin America typically differ from those of the Anglophone world, they share one common enemy: online platforms. Whether it’s fake news, unwanted advertisements, catfishing, or the destruction of self-esteem, this unit does a deep dive into the impact technology and the press has on our lives.  


This is Unit 3 of the Imagina textbook.  Don’t use this textbook? No worries! This is a topic that interests students and is very prevalent on the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam. It also focuses on the present subjunctive, commands, and object pronouns. This grammar is paired specifically with this vocabulary, making this unit essential to advancing the proficiency of each student.  


Each unit pack has 12 interactive classroom activities that include authentic readings and listenings, as well as 4 assessments to evaluate each mode: interpretive (reading and listing), interpersonal, and presentational (speaking and writing).


Resource 1 - Algunas Actividades de Unidad 3

Resource 2 - Unidad 3 Pruebas

Spanish 4 - Unidad 3

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