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Spanish 4 - Unidad 2

This downloadable document includes two resources for Spanish 4 - Unidad 2: Vivir en la ciudad. Each unit, packaged as two documents, is divided into interactive classroom activities and tests (or practice tests) based on the Imagina textbook curriculum. 


This unit is very different from prior units about the city because it goes beyond the basic vocabulary and grammar of how to get around a metropolitan area, but the physical, emotional and social effects on its citizens. Additionally, students will learn about incredible initiatives in Latin American countries where the citizens acted to protect their cities and each other. As this unit is based in Latin America, students will learn about some of the most famous capitals of both Central and South America with the hope of not only showing them about this forgotten land, but to educate them about they have thrived in the past few decades.

If you don’t use Imagina - that’s alright!  These are the themes that all students in Spanish 4 should learn, particularly if they’re going to take AP Spanish Language and Culture next year.  You do not need the textbook Imagina, as all of these activities are written and designed for any upper-level Spanish class.


Resource 1 - Algunas Actividades de Unidad 2

Resource 2 - Unidad 2 Pruebas

Spanish 4 - Unidad 2

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