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Spanish 4 - Unidad 1

This downloadable document includes two resources for Spanish 4 - Unidad 1: Vivir y sentir. Each unit, packaged as two documents, is divided into interactive classroom activities and tests (or practice tests) based on the Imagina textbook curriculum. 

If you don’t use Imagina - that’s alright!  These are the themes that all students in Spanish 4 should learn, particularly if they’re going to take AP Spanish Language and Culture next year.  You do not need the textbook Imagina, as all of these activities are written and designed for any upper level Spanish class.


This resource for Unit 1 is designed to provide an additional opportunity for students to not only learn the vocabulary and the grammar, but to learn more about these topics in the Spanish-speaking world.  They will learn how to apply the vocabulary and grammar by reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Skills that will be developed and assessed are linked with the three modes (interpretative, presentational and interpersonal), using only authentic resources.  


Resource 1 - Algunas Actividades de Unidad 1

Resource 2 - Unidad 1 Pruebas

*While this unit focuses more on Spain, all future units will focus more on Latin America.

Spanish 4 - Unidad 1

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