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AP Spanish Language & Culture - Tema 1

This downloadable document includes two resources for AP Spanish Language & Culture - Tema 1: Las familias y las comunidades. Each theme, packaged as one document, is divided by tests (or practice tests) and presentations/projects, using the AP curriculum and topics.


Students will have studied Theme 1 and 2 extensively in past years. This resource for Theme 1 is designed to provide an additional opportunity for students to practice reading, listening, email, composing argumentative essays, conversation, and cultural comparison at the start of term. This will benefit students by providing them with a refresher and more time to learn about the exam and the skills necessary to succeed.


Resource 1 - Algunas Actividades de Tema 1

Resource 2 - Tema 1 Presentación, Prácticas y Pruebas


AP Spanish Language & Culture - Tema 1

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