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Without Saying Goodbye (Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar)

This movie (Without Saying Goodbye) is about a young and ambitious modern architect, Salva, from Madrid who flies to Cusco, Peru to build one of the world’s few 7-star hotels.  But everything changes the moment he meets Ariana, the niece of his Airbnb host who lives next door.  Although the two couldn’t be more different, a romance sparks and we see how they navigate this unique relationship. 


The title of the film comes from a word in Quechua, a language spoken by the indigenous people from Peru.  The word “Tupanachiskama” is their way of saying until we meet again (“Hasta que volvamos a encontrar”), which is the title of the movie, which is fitting, as we see the plot unwind. 


What happens between the free-spirited Ariana and the rich, hard-working Salva?  You’ll have to see the movie to find out!  I will say, however, that it’s nice to see such an unconventional couple because it shows us that we always have something to learn, including from our partner.  They say opposites attract, and this movie explores that sentiment.   


This movie is on Netflix and offers subtitles in both English and Spanish.  What I love about it is that it’s set in Peru so not only do you see so many natural beauties of this gorgeous and diverse country, but you also hear the Peruvian accent and the slang.  There’s a funny scene about how Spaniards and Peruvians pronounce the “v” differently, which adds another layer to how different Spanish can vary from country to country, particularly between Spain and Latin America.  I really enjoyed this film, and you will, too!   


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