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Vis a vis (locked up)

This show is very good, but not one to recommend to students. A lot of people describe it as a Spanish version of Orange is the New Black, and I do think there are a lot of parallels. First of all, the main character, Macarena, is a blonde woman who fell in love with her boss who she helped launder money for their future. The series reflects the day-to-day life of the prisoners and guards at a woman’s penitentiary and how a harmless woman is transformed into one with scruples. Sound familiar? I will admit, the beginning and the concept are very similar to Orange is the New Black, but I will say that the storyline develops into something far more dramatic and complicated.

The show came out in 2015 and one of its creators, Álex Pinar, also created Money Heist. Another fun fact? Some of the Money Heist actors are in this series, which makes it even more fun to watch. It was big in Spain and was one of the most-watched shows during its timeslot. However, Netflix picked it up and added the last season to tie it all together.

I really loved watching the drama and how the relationships unfolded, but I will admit, the series spinoff (Vis a vis: El oasis) at the end I couldn’t finish. However, I did thoroughly enjoy the four seasons of the series – there were lots of twists and turns and cliffhangers. I watched the entire series in a two-week quarantine, and it was perfect for it. It’s only available on Amazon Prime in the US now, but I highly recommend watching it while it’s still streaming online for free!


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