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Velvet Colección & Velvet Colección Episodio Final

This is a spin-off of Velvet, so clearly one should watch it if you enjoyed the original series. This takes place in Barcelona, where Velvet expands its stores throughout Spain. It focuses more on other relationships, as Ana and Alberto’s were resolved in the Velvet finale, as well as the many obstacles they face while growing the business. But not to worry, there is still a fair amount of drama, surprises, and cliff-hangers. We’re introduced to new villains, new love interests and a new clientele, featuring Penelope Cruz’s younger sister, Mónica Cruz, as the emperatriz, a star flamenco dancer.

Like the original Velvet series, it’s very appropriate for high school students, offering subtitles in English and Spanish.

The finale is also offered on Netflix and came out awhile after the Velvet Colección series, which is why it is separate from the series. It involves all the main characters, including Ana and Alberto. It perfectly ties the loose ends left at the end of the spin-off, making it clear that this truly is the last time we’ll see these characters but don’t worry, you’ll be happy to hear how each of their stories end.


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