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The time it takes (El tiempo que te doy)

This is a limited series by Netflix, and it’s composed of 10 short episodes 11 minutes each about the time it takes to get over a failed relationship. In each episode, it focuses less time on the past, and more on the present, accepting the reality and moving forward. For example, the first episode spends 10 minutes on the past, and 1 minute on the present: the demise of a relationship between a couple, Nico and Lina. It then flashes back to when they met and other important scenes during their 9-year relationship, before ending the episode in a break-up. Then the next episode, 9 minutes on the past and 2 on the present, etc. Right before each flashback, there’s a high-pitched sound that lets the audience know that they’re about to travel to the past to learn more about the course of their relationship. During the series, we see how their years together unfolded: the beautiful, the bad and the ugly. In fact, we see more of the ugly sooner, which surprised me a bit. But I won’t ruin the rest for you – you’ll have to see it yourself!

This reminds a bit of The Last Five Years – switching between the past and present of a failed relationship, but without the singing and from only the woman’s perspective. I liked it a lot, but I would love to have seen Nico’s perspective throughout the series, too. There are rumors out there about a second season, so maybe that’s where we’ll see more of his point of view then. Here’s hoping!

The show is Spanish and a good part of it takes place in Spain. It also features the famous actress from Cable Girls, Nadia de Santiago. Although most of the cast is Spanish, one of characters is played by an Argentine actress (Cala Zavaleta), so you do get to hear the accent and the “vos” a bit, which is especially nice for Spanish learners. However, due to some of the sex scenes, I wouldn’t personally recommend this to high school students, but I’m sure many of them have seen a lot worse! All in all, I personally enjoyed this series and hope to see another season.


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