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The Mess You Leave Behind (El desorden que dejas)

El desorden que dejas, also known as The Mess You Leave Behind, is a thriller series that came out on Netflix in 2020 and is one season long. It takes place in Galicia, Spain, and is about the mysterious suicide of a Literature teacher, Viruca, and how that transcends to her replacement, Raquel.

Within the first few minutes of the film, we learn that Raquel and her husband, Germán, are looking to leave their flat on the water in La Coruña to settle in a small town where Germán’s family resides. This all is initiated by Raquel’s sudden job offer, taking over for Viruca. However, Raquel does not learn about Viruca until after she’s accepted the job, minutes before giving her first class. Not long after, she becomes the next target and with time, suffers the paranoia of her everyday life thanks to an anonymous person sending her multiple threats. To get to the bottom of it, Raquel must investigate what exactly happened to Viruca, knowing if she doesn’t find out in time, she will be the next victim.

I’ve finally watched this series because I’ve heard so many good things about it. Although I did enjoy it, there were so many moments where I felt like the storyline was almost too dramatic and at times, very difficult to watch. I would absolutely not recommend this to any high schoolers and would even hesitate to suggest this show to any university students. The content is very heavy. However, I will say that I understand why it’s only one season. This show moves very fast and covers a lot of ground in the eight episodes, so the audience feels like they got the perfect ending while solving the mystery of those behind the atrocities that we see in the previous episodes. All in all, I would recommend this show, but with caution. Also, if you’ve seen Elite or Vis a vis (Locked up) in my previous posts, you will notice the characters of Iago and Mauro. Additionally, if you enjoyed those two shows, then I think you will enjoy this.


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