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Por un puñado de besos (For a Handful of Kisses)

This film starts with the following lines: “Dicen que la perdida es la verdadera medida de amor. Esta historia transcurre entre un poco de abril, algo de mayo y todo septiembre” (“They say loss is the real measure of love. This story took place during a bit of April, part of May and all through September”).

This movie is based on a book by Jordi Sierra i Fabra that I reviewed last year. The storyline is very similar, with a few changes, the biggest being the protagonists’ names: Sol and Dani. Sol is an HIV positive young woman who puts a personal ad in the paper looking for love which at the time, seemed quite daring (this was before dating apps). Dani responds and they meet. The film takes us through their dates and shows us how their relationship transforms quickly. The beginning lines best encapsulate their relationship timeframe. What happens between June and August? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Part of the reason I waited almost a year to review this movie after the book was not only because I thought it was important to read the book first (or at least that’s what I prefer to do!), but because you will see some of the famous actors from shows that I’ve reviewed in the past, particularly the two leads: Ana de Armas and Martiño Rivas. Not only have you seen them separately (Armas in many movies, such as Blade Runner and Rivas in Cable Girls), but because of their undeniable chemistry as a couple in El internado. It was quite special to see them together again on screen, despite being different characters in a unique plot, because their connection was just as strong. Another reputable actor from Velvet Colección (another show I reviewed early last year), Andrea Duro, plays a supporting role.

This video is offered free on Amazon Prime video with subtitles in English. As far as how appropriate it is for students, I wouldn’t recommend it to any student before taking AP, because I do think that there are one or two mature scenes, but I do know that students have seen much worse! Depending on where you teach, you probably will not be able to show it, but you could casually recommend it to students!


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