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Por Un Puñado de Besos, Jordi Sierra I Fabra

This novel, Por un Puñado de Besos (For a handful of kisses), by Jordi Sierra i Fabra, is a quick and easy read. At first, I thought it was a light book given the length and the topic (love), but it gets intense quickly. Set in Barcelona, Olga is an HIV positive young woman looking for love. She places a personal ad in the newspaper, meets Jaime, and her world changes.

This book explores love, deceit, and betrayal. In just a short time, we watch how Jaime and Olga’s relationship evolves over a short period of time, while also learning about Olga’s past, particularly her last relationship that ended in heartbreak and illness.

Not only is this novel an enjoyable read (and, at times, predictable), but there is a film about it, starring Ana de Armas (Bond girl) and Martiño Riveras, which for El internado fans (a TV show that they co-starred in), is a real treat. I recommend reading the book first, as it makes the film even more powerful. The film is on Amazon Prime and the free version can be found here:

Unfortunately, the book is not offered in English but if you’re a Spanish student, it’s something to aspire to! I would recommend it for any student post-AP Spanish Language and Culture given the level of the Spanish and the content.



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