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This TV series was recommended to me by various friends and has been trending on best TV shows in Spanish on Netflix, and I can see why. Set in Mexico, Monarca is a family-owned tequila empire, run by the Carranza family. During the first episode, his only daughter, Ana María returns home at the request of her father and the CEO of the company, Fausto. Yet almost immediately after reuniting with his daughter and asking her to be the CEO of Monarca, he ends up dead – murdered amongst his own agave plants.

The rest of the season is dedicated to the transfer of ownership to the new CEO of the tequila empire and what the other siblings do to try to gain power and respect from their mother, who ultimately decides who should run the company. Another common theme that you’ll see is the corruption, violence, and greed and how it relates to the drug cartels, who happen to run the country and are enemies to many, particularly those who deceive them. Unfortunately, this is still a reality in various parts of Mexico that needs to be changed. Throughout both seasons, we’ll see the infinite amounts of power and reach these criminals have. The series is very addictive, as I watched it in one week. There are only two seasons and despite its popularity, it was not picked up for a third season. I hope this does change at some point, especially given how the end of Season 2 ended in the ideal cliff-hanger, teasing the audience for what’s to come. I hope the storyline that they dangled in front of us viewers comes to fruition. Either way, whether you’re a tequila fan or not, try out Monarca today! You won’t be disappointed.


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