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Memorias del subdesarrollo, Edmundo Desnoes

I taught this book, Memorias del subdesarrollo (Memories of Development) in a post-AP Spanish Language and Culture Independent Study about political fiction in Latin American contemporary literature. When I was researching books (particularly during the Latin American Boom era), this came highly recommended. I had seen the movie many years ago in a cinema class for my Master's degree and the book, like the movie, was a bit dark. It is the diary of a man, Sergio, who is living during the Cuban revolution and talks about the downfall of Havana and his personal life. Like many Cubans, his family fled Cuba for a better life in Miami, post the Bay of Pigs invasion. This book is a reflection of post-revolutionary Cuba, an underdeveloped country that shows little promise of a bright future. This is not just exhibited by the descriptions of Havana, but through Sergio’s love interests, and how they go terribly wrong, leaving him little hope of what’s to come. Although I do not regret choosing this book, there are other strong political fiction books to read, and I’ll feature them in my upcoming posts.



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