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Lies and Deceit (Mentiras)

Mentiras (Lies and Deceit) is a 6-episode series that aired in 2020 on Atres Player and Netflix. Starring Ángela Cremonte as Laura Munar and Javier Rey as Xavier Vera, the show explores a night that went horribly wrong between the two protagonists. Laura, a high school literature teacher, is convinced that Xavier, a surgeon, drugged her and raped her. But she cannot prove it, leading her to take many dangerous paths in the vain hope that she can get justice. Although we do not see their entire date in the first episode, we’re confused to understand which character is in the wrong. However, as we see more flashbacks of that night in the following episodes, we start to understand better who is in the wrong. Is it Laura or Javier? You’ll have to watch and see.

If you are triggered by date rape and violence, then I don’t recommend this show. I personally enjoyed it and thought it was extremely well done, from the script, the filmography, and the actors. Speaking of which, if you’ve watched some of the shows I’ve reviewed in the previous months, you’ll recognize some of the actor, as two were in Velvet (Javier Rey as Mateo and Manuela Velasco as Cristina) and Casa de Papel, aka Money Heist (Paco Tous as Moscow). There are subtitles in Spanish and English, but the Spanish ones are far superior if you’re a non-native yet somewhat advanced Spanish speaker). All in all, a very good show!


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