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Isabel: The Intimate Story Of Isabel Allende is a docuseries about Isabel Allende offered exclusively on HBO Max. This is a 3-episode series that talks about the life of Isabel Allende. Bouncing back between her childhood to the death of her beloved daughter, Paula, it is the perfect show to watch after having read her memoir, Paula, as it features all the events in this book, from her father leaving her as a child, to her move back to Chile, the military coup d’état which forced her to leave Chile

and flee to Venezuela to her career first as a journalist and then as a successful novelist. You learn about Isabel Allende from her triumphs, her losses, her mistakes, and her success.

The show is in Spanish, but it has Spanish and English subtitles, and it is dubbed in English. I personally don’t enjoy anything dubbed; therefore, I recommend the original version (Spanish) with English subtitles if you don’t speak Spanish or have a lower level, or with Spanish subtitles, if you’re more advanced.

I recommend reading the memoir Paula first, as this docuseries makes this memoir come alive. Please see my Paula recommendation here.


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