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Ingobernable (Ungovernable)

This Netflix show is about Emilia Urquiza, the First Lady of Mexico (Kate del Castillo) who has filed for divorce from her husband, Diego Nava. She decides to flee the family home to stay in a hotel in the City of Mexico, where her husband confronts her before a press conference. The heated encounter turns violent quickly, as Nava attacks Urquiza. While trying to defend herself, Emilia pushes her husband off the balcony, where he falls to his death. The secret service officers bust into the room, as Emilia flees and spends the rest of the season fleeing from them.

This is a two-season series and explores the journey that Emilia faces after the death of her husband. During the show, we learn about her marriage, the dirty politics in Mexico at the time, the war on drugs, and who the real criminals are. Although this show takes place in Mexico City, due to Kate del Castillo’s strained relationship with El Chapo, her scenes are filmed in the US. Although it’s only two seasons, it’s a good watch. There’s action, drama, betrayal, and excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this show and was a bit surprised to hear that they weren’t renewing it, as it had a lot of potential and easily could have spanned across two more seasons. However, I still recommend it and you can watch it on Netflix with either Spanish or English subtitles.


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