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This series captured my attention right away, as it stars two famous Spanish actors who were in shows that I’ve previously reviewed: Adriana Ugarte (El tiempo entre costuras) and Javier Rey (Velvet). It starts in Barcelona in 1960 in a club called Albatros, where a woman is fleeing from a man who she supposedly robbed. From there, her life changes forever.

Helena, the main character, becomes involved with the club’s owner, Salvador Malpica, who uses the club as a front to do business smuggling illegal drugs into the port of Barcelona. Hache, which stands for the letter H in English, serves as a double entendre for not only Helena’s new identity but for the heroine that serves as Malpica’s main form of income. Throughout the series, we see how the relationship between Helena and Salvador evolves even when in the face of adversity. Although the viewers might not understand how this relationship which started as an obligation, flourishes over time, it is clear towards the end of Season 1 how Salvador needs Helena. But does Helena need him? Stay tuned to find out!

There is a second season and unfortunately, it’s the last season. Netflix, the show’s creator, decided to cancel the third season. And quite frankly, I can understand why. Not only do I personally think that the first season is much better and more addictive, but the finale of the second season was quite good. In fact, it was clear that there was nowhere else to go for another season. And although at the beginning of the second season I had to force myself to stick with it at times given the drastic plot change, I began to enjoy it again. One thing to note is that given its international cast (and storyline), there were many scenes in various languages such as English, Italian, and French, particularly in the second season. It was nice and different to see so many Romance languages intertwine, and it made the show stand out in this regard. All in all, I didn’t mind watching this series, but I’m ready for the next one!


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