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El tiempo entre costuras (The Time in Between)

This TV series pairs nicely with this month’s Recommended Read, as it is the TV series of the novel I recommended. When this came out on Netflix a few years ago, I was so excited to watch it because not only was it highly rated, but because the famous Adriana Ugarte stars in it as Sira, a lower-class seamstress who falls in love with a very handsome and charming man. She leaves her fiancé for him, and they dash off to Morocco to start a new life together. However, she quickly learns how he deceives her and is left to pick up the broken pieces. This is where the true story begins.

We see over the span of two seasons Sira rebuilding her life, making friends, and navigating a new life in a new country. This happens at the start of the Spanish Civil War and ends during World War II, so we get a glimpse of what life was like during that time and the hardships that people faced. Additionally, since most of Sira’s clients in Tanger are German women married to high-powered men, we get a glimpse of what Nazi Germany looked like, particularly during the first season, at the precipice of the war, and at the end of the Spanish Civil War. We learn about Franco’s relationship with the Germans, and during the second season, the war breaks out.

As the novel is quite lengthy, instead of a movie, it became a two-season series. I do recommend reading the book first, as the show does not deviate too much from the novel. There are parts where the novel elaborates on certain events more than the show and vice versa, but I highly recommend reading and watching both!

Also, if you’re a Spanish teacher, this is perfectly acceptable to show to high schoolers. I showed it to my AP students right after the exam and they really enjoyed it. The beginning of the show really grabs their attention. It’s hard to find but it is available on Atres and Pantaya if you have accounts, only with Spanish subtitles. Therefore, I recommend showing it only in a higher-level class so that the students can follow along and because I think it’s rated 16 and above. So try it out when you can – you won’t regret it!


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