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Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

This show is pure gold. I don’t even watch it for the Spanish (although admittedly it helps keep my level strong). Money Heist is a stroke of pure genius. Without ruining much of the premise, it’s about a group of criminals who prepare for and execute the heist of the century in Madrid Spain. The gang, all named after major cities, studies for months a plan that has been in the work for years on how to take over a large historical landmark and 67 hostages. Their costume? Red jumpsuits with a Dalí mask on, an outfit that has become emblematic.

When it premiered in Spain, it wasn’t big. However, once Netflix took the show over and kept it going, it became a worldwide sensation. Money Heist is not just a story about crime. It explores relationships, the human psyche and resistance towards government, banks, and the system.

If you watched and enjoyed Vis a Vis (Locked Up), you’ll most certainly enjoy this show, as both were by the same writer, Álex Pina. This show is entirely in Spanish and due to a Latin American actor, who premieres in Spanish 3, you even hear an Argentine accent. The show is powerful, exciting, and fast-paced. If you like high energy shows, you will absolutely love this! Please be advised that there are some scenes are mature, particularly due to the language and violence.

However, it’s not the special effects, the violence, the love triangles nor the crime that sustains the show: it’s how these criminals convert you. In the beginning, you’re learning about them and how they got to where they were. At the start of the heist, you feel for the hostages. Yet something shifts, and you start to root for the gang and question who the good people are, and who are the truly evil people.

As of now, there are four and a half seasons. The rest of season 5 will be released early in December, including the show’s finale. This show is originally in Spanish, and I suggest if you’re a beginner, to use English subtitles. However, if you’re learning Spanish and are in Spanish 4 or higher, I strongly recommend using the Spanish subtitles.


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