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Argentina 1985

This movie has made headlines shortly after its release last year, and I understand why. It’s the most powerful film I’ve seen in a long time and most importantly, its based on real facts of Argentine history. This movie dives into the crimes against humanity committed by the Armed Forces during the 1970’s dictatorship led by Jorge Videla. The movie starts with the possible impending trial against the commanders, which was initially meant to be tried by the army’s military courts. But of course, it never was. But then, the country decided to go to trial and the prosecutor, Julio César Strassera, has his worst nightmare realized: he must go against the military junta in the attempts to incarcerate them.

Once the trial starts preliminary hearings, so do the death threats. Strassera not only faces the largest trial in the history of Argentina, but soon realizes that no one with his experience nor stature will serve on his legal team, due to their “fascist” beliefs, hence backing the defendants, aka the head commanders of the junta. As Strassera forms a young but motivated legal team, he soon learns about the hundreds of cases of rape, torture, kidnaps, and “disappearances” (hence, murders), it becomes clear that the Armed Forces not only have no legal recourse, but have committed the bloodiest, most gruesome, and atrocious acts the country had ever seen. And while their defence was that “the country was at war”, nothing condones vicious and brutal crimes that violate human rights.

This movie is so moving, powerful and yet profoundly devastating all at the same time. Hearing the declarations of the victims and their families was so horrifying and sad, but the most poignant part was Strassera’s closing argument, which ends in the country’s slogan, “No más”. No more – we have to learn from our mistakes because if not, history is condemned to repeat itself.

There are so many moments in this film that I could write about, but I’d prefer not to, because I think it’s more important to watch the movie and experience them for yourself. So, when you do have 2.5 hours to spare, go watch this film (available on Amazon Prime) and soak in every moment. You will not regret it.


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