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A poster for the film In the Heights with the lead actors
In the Heights film poster

This is another great Netflix show that came out in 2018. What I love about it is that it’s Argentine, so you see a lot of Buenos Aires and you hear not only the “vos”, but the beautiful Argentine accent, where the “ll” and “y” letters have a “sh” sound.

The narrator and protagonist, Edha, a fashion designer. We learn early on that her mother, Inés died and that she has a daughter, Elena. Her dad, Lorenzo, is her manager and her best friend, Antonio, helps oversee the production, etc. These are the only people you see Edha with for most of the series, as her life is her business.

In the first episode, half of the time, we learn about Edha’s life, and the other half, we get a glance at the sweatshop that produces her clothes secretly. As you venture through the rest of the season, you’ll understand that there’s a lot more drama that involves practically every character. The show moves quickly and so if you blink, you may miss an important part.

I’m sorry to say that there is only one season of this show, because I really enjoyed it. However, with the way that Season 1 ended, I can’t imagine a Season 2. Although not everything was resolved, the finale did feel like the end of the series, given how many topics were given the necessary closure.

One thing to note is that if you watch it in the original language (Spanish), you can only watch it with Spanish subtitles. Therefore, I would wait if you’re a beginner, because with the accent and the vos, it might be difficult to pick it up. As far as appropriateness, I wouldn’t recommend it to high school students (although I’m sure they’ve seen worse!), due to many provocative scenes. However, I think it’s a great series overall and will one day watch it again.


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